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Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Compliment?

Today was a big grocery shopping day as we have a barbecue birthday lunch to prepare at our house tomorrow, for three dozen friends, to celebrate Hubby's 3/4 Century mark.
The butcher who prepared a very large piece of beef asked what the special occasion was. "Hubby is turning 75" I answered. The gallant and friendly young man exclaimed to me "Oh! You don't look seventy-five at all". I thanked him and have spent the rest of the day hoping he or I misheard the other in some way.
That's because I'm almost two and a half decades away from my 3/4 Century party.


  1. I'd choose to believe it was a compliment on your youthful good looks as I were you. My hubs is 12 years older than me, which seemed a lot when we were first married, 30 years ago. The gap gets smaller as time goes on though.

  2. And of course he was right. You do not look 75 - and probably won't for at least the next 35 years.

  3. And a very happy birthday to him then !

    Party hearty !

  4. Argent, He had his head in the cold cabinet so I think he heard me wrong and thought I said I was turning 75. No matter, from his twenty-something perspective anyone over thirty-five probably looks ancient. He was trying to be charming too, he gets points for that.

    Croft, a very gallant entree comment. Thank you, kind Sir.

    Owen, Thank you. If I have any energy left there will be an after-party post.

  5. You could have done a Gloria Steinem and befuddled him completely with 'but this is what 75 looks like!'

    (Having seen your photo elsewhere I hasten to add that neither of you look your age.)

  6. He may have heard correctly, and incorrectly assumed that all couples are the same age. You're right, to a twenty-something, "..anyone over thirty-five probably looks ancient."

    I had a conversation with my step-brother last Christmas, and we agreed we are now those people we tried to avoid, as youngsters.

    Have a great celebration. We all know that age is just a number.

  7. Never trust a butcher to guestimate your age. They're only concern is how gamey you are and whether you should be hung or salted in order to preserve your flesh.

  8. P.S. Many happy returns to Mr English Rider. And may you enjoy your youth for a lot longer... ;-)

  9. Oh dear, I don't think you look anywhere near 75.
    Congratulations to hubby.

    I am glad Boomer has finally found a permanent home.

  10. Happy birthday, Hubby....and as for you, well, take any compliment as a compliment, however strangely conceived. We do not often get them, so each one needs to be treasured.

    Besides, what does 75 look like nowadays anyhow? Doesn't look that old to me anymore, that's for sure. *G*

  11. I was there with you in spirit and hope that you found the electronic gifts!

  12. I should smear the meat on your skin. It won't make you look any younger but it would serve that butcher right if you didn't eat it. Sorry, just thought, that is very weird logic, forgive me. I know not what I write.

  13. Maddie,off drinking with the fairies at the bottom of the garden again, I suspect?

    Ms. Pliers, you were missed. e-gift and phone-hug received and appreciated. Thanks.

    Jean, exactly, on all points.

    Friko, how sweet of you, I'm 51! Grrr!
    I almost invited Boomer and his folks back for the party but I thought Hubby might have a heart attack seeing him come back again:)

    Steve, Gamey? Now I am Gamey? Actually my flesh is pickled, no artificial preservatives required.

    Martin, that was my conclusion too.

    Deborah,He wasn't going to ask me for a date, regardless of being only 51, so I let him live without embarrassing him.